hi. i'm dr. pence. nice to meet you! who am i? big question, right? let's see...first and foremost, i have a guttural passion for helping individuals learn the truth about themselves, that their uniqueness is lovable and valuable, and that this universe needs them to show up. for various reasons, our society fosters competition and unkindness between both males and females. we all spend way too much time comparing and nowhere near enough time connecting. i know that when I am around empowered, brave, and whole-hearted individuals i feel inspired. i have learned that the more permission we give to ourselves to shine, the more permission we energetically give to others to do the same. my practice often consists of individuals who are struggling in their relationship with food, their body, exercise, or their own sense of self. doing this work is my calling. this is part of what makes me whole. 

what else makes me feel whole:

integrity · aligning my behaviors with my value system

my family · 2 boys, 1 man, and a long list of those who came before me. i am grateful.

laughter · there are funny things in this world, laughter makes it go around. 

the cinema · i grew up watching movies. so it's a non-negotiable for me. no movies, no ma'am. 

the following things don't make me feel whole, but they do give me a steady foundation from which i practice: i received my doctoral degree in psychology (psyd) and masters in business administration (mba) in philadelphia. i acquired specialized training in the treatment of eating disorders while working as the site director and clinical supervisor at the renfrew center, the nation's leader in eating disorder treatment. additionally, i completed my post-doctoral fellowship at children's medical center working at the center for pediatric eating disorders in dallas, tx. i am both a certified eating disorder specialist (ceds) and an iaedp™ approved supervisor.

much of my practice has been influenced by the work of brené brown, as I believe that many of us engage in isolative, self-destructive, and dissatisfying behaviors because we operate from a place of shame and fear of vulnerability. i am a certified daring way™ facilitator (cdwf) and use brené's work in both my individual practice and in facilitating daring way™ intensive workshops. for more information please visit my daring way page.  

i have had the privilege of being interviewed for various media outlets focusing on increasing awareness of eating disorder treatment and education. feel free to browse my press page for more information. 

i am also a certified facilitator for embody love movement, as well as serving on the board of directors for the non-profit organization whose mission is to to empower girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to a meaningful change in the world.