hi. so, here you are. exploring my webpage. welcome. you're probably here for a reason. maybe someone you know recommended me and you're curious...who is this dr. pence? or maybe your fingers typed certain key words into google and, voila!, you my name popped up. or perhaps you know exactly what you're looking for and there was no searching necessary. either way, i'll bet you found yourself here because your intuition, your gut, knows something. what does it know? i'm not sure. maybe you're not even sure. but perhaps it might be worth exploring. because most likely you've got this nagging voice inside of you that is asking to be seen. well, you've come to the right place.

so what is it exactly that i can i help you with? whatever it is, i'm curious. i may not have all the answers that you're looking for but i'm sure we can start somewhere. allow me to offer you a safe space to explore, entertain, and excavate whatever it is that brought you here in the first place. let's do this. together.

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