individual work

you probably know someone who sees a therapist or maybe has a performance coach. maybe you’ve worked with both. or maybe not. either way, if you’re visiting this site it’s likely this is your first encounter with me. every psychologist is different. so here’s a little taste of what i offer . . .

  • safety · consistency, reliability, removal of judgment.
  • integrity · my work is in alignment with what i value. period.
  • empathy · you deserve to be seen. you deserve to be heard.
  • laughter · belly laughs get me through the day. just wait for it.

contribution . collaboration

my interests and experience give me a unique window into how we work, relate, parent, and grow as individuals and as a collective. i’ve spoken on various topics and contributed to different media platforms and podcasts on a wide array of topics. some of those include women’s health issues, our obsession with perfection, how to empower, parent, and lead our youth, and daily practices that lead to a strong sense of wellness. please check out my press page and contact me directly if you’re interested in hiring me for a speaking engagement or writing contribution.

consultation . coaching

sometimes we just need a boost. not a full-fledged dive into the dark and thorny, but just a session or two to gather some information, identify areas that need attention, and develop a plan for moving forward. whether you’re an individual or a business, working with me can give you an opportunity to explore the change you’re craving and discover the paths to get you there. if you’re open to innovative and exciting possibilities, i just might be what you’re looking for.