i am an MBA, a certified eating disorder specialist (ceds), an iaedp™ approved supervisor, and a certified daring way™ facilitator (cdwf). i guess you could say i've got a special set of skills. 

as it relates to my MBA | i received my masters in business administration at the same that i was pursuing my doctorate, which to some felt incongruent - a psychologist who appreciates accounting? a shrink who likes advertising? what gives? to me, it was the perfect alignment. we have to have both sides of our brain working to do the best work. and it has allowed me to serve those who are seeking greater purpose, meaning, and success in their given careers. 

as it relates to my CEDS | when it comes to eating disorders, i have the unique experience of working in all levels of care and with all ages; residential, inpatient, partial, and outpatient settings alike, with children, teenagers, and adults. i've been trained by some of the best of the best in the field an i've sat with clients for over 15,000 hours of therapy time. i've been interviewed by various media outlets on the topic of eating disorders, body image and women's health including glamour magazine, the huffington post, good morning america, and vogue magazine (press page). while all of this is important on some level, what really matters to me is that i've seen this eating disorders ravish through families. destroy lives. fracture communities. i've seen it act as a vehicle for profound pain. i've witnessed it as truth teller for secrets that feel too dark to be captured with words. eating disorders are complex. they are serious. they are deadly. let's be honest, you're the expert on your eating disorder. i'm just a psychologist with a whole lot of experience who wants to help you heal so that you don't feel so tortured. so that you can feel your pain without needing food, or the absence of it, to manage it. so that you can use your voice not your body. so that you can learn to love yourself from the inside out.

as it relates to my CDWF | shame is a joy killer. it can also be a life killer. literally. if we allow ourselves to drown in shame we become more prone to isolation, self-destruction, and addiction. if we learn how to become resilient to it, we rise above, engage in more meaningful relationships, live with more courage, and self-invest.