individual therapy

individual therapy. you probably know someone who is in it. maybe you've been in it before. well, either way, if you're visiting this site it's likely that you've never been in it with me. every therapist is different. so here's a little taste of what I offer ... 

safety · removal of judgment, consistency, reliability. 

integrity · i practice from values. my work is in alignment with what i value. i will encourage the same of you.

empathy · you deserve to be seen. you deserve to be heard. you deserve a shared perspective. you deserve a new one. 

laughter · sneak's one of my values. 

                     family therapy

our brains crave connection. connection is critical to well-being. but let's own it - just because connecting is essential doesn't always make it easy and certainly not pain-free. especially with family. seeing the whole picture of your family system is tough. you're in it for crying out loud, of course it's tough. family members get caught up in roles and bogged down by expectations. swimming out of a murky swamp isn't always easy. and it's doable. family therapy with me will give your family, or coupling, an opportunity to relate differently with each other as we build better communication, more openness, and a healthier attachment.